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We set up this company on the basis of our previous experiences, that is developing, building and installing custom interior residential furniture and also lamps and LED-illuminated furniture. Our creations, produced as unique pieces or in very small series, are top quality items addressed to the world of contemporary design. Our main strengths include our own mill for samples and millwork production, and our long-established co-operation with a number of partners providing their professional assistance.

Through such team-work, we are able to manufacture furniture even of the most innovative design. The materials used are mainly wood and LED lighting, but also stainless steel, methacrylate and glass, and any others according to each specific project.


We are better at what the others cannot do. But this means knowing the materials processing, and use of experienced and capable personnel when necessary, and it also means bringing this knowledge to the employees to elevate the professionalism required in this work.


Limiting a job to what can be found on the market is not in our style nor in our creed, if needed we can build everything according to project needs. We build what you need: there is no limit and no preconceptions. What is needed must be done.

Going Global

Los Angeles or Hong Kong makes no difference. There we go. Where required, where the furniture goes we go. We do not fear the distance and not even how much commitment and effort will be needed. We never face a job by placing a limit distance.


Of course, each case is unique. The photos found in this section, then, are just a pleasant interlude to reading. Without a doubt, however, they can give you an idea of ​​what we do. All those here are projects we have completed, on various commissions. And if, as we hope, you'll want to know even a little 'more on our part, take a look at case histories.

Thanks to:
Atelier d’Architecture 3BM3 – Geneva
Carpenters Workshop Gallery – Paris, London, New York
DGI Département d’Architecture – Geneva
Galerie Italienne – Paris
Galleria Antonella Villanova – Florence
Galleria O. – Rome
Great Design Gallery – Paris
I.M.D.A. Ivan Mietton – Paris
Johanna Grawunder – San Francisco, Milan
Kuchel Architects – St.Moritz
Lilian Daddi – Paris
MDAA – Rome
Mara Ribone – Milan
Margherita Ratti – Paris
Nendo – Tokyo
Oasis Group – Pordenone
Permasteelisa Group – Vittorio Veneto


Satisfaction of the customer goes through various steps. It is often said that the strength of a chain is measured by the weakest link: here is because in each of the stages of production we seek to achieve excellence. Find out in detail how it is structured, step by step, the realization of your dreams.

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